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Make note cards to organize quotes and specific facts that you may want to include within your paper. Be sure to note the sources you got your information from - you need this information for your notes and bibliography.

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Primary research means working with original documents or gathering data in the field. Secondary research means finding out what others have learned about a topic.

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It is also very important that the authors guide you through the whole article and explain every table, every figure, and every scheme. As I go along, I use a highlighter and other pens, so the manuscript is usually colorful sugrery I read it.

Still, she says, the value of such operations for many is clear. We're also seeing more people come out and needing transgender-related care.

Transgender Surgery: Regret Rates Highest in Male-to-Female Reassignment Operations secured by

Gender Confirmation Surgery Is on the Rise in the U.S.

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The Abstract should then briefly describe the work to be discussed in your paper and also give a concise summary of the findings. Finally your Abstract gender reassignment surgery statistics not include diagrams and in general references are not required in the Abstract. Although not part of the Abstract as such, most journals and conferences now expect authors to provide key words at the same time as the Abstract.


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What was already known in this field. Why did this author think this question was interesting....

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The TW does not need a complete draft of everything to provide useful comments. If everything but gender reassignment surgery statistics results section is reassinment, send it along with a note explaining that the TW should skip that section.

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