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Williams and Gregory G. This book is really excellent.

Thank you for sharing! TheElementary MathManiac February 24, at 3:

Does the organization and structure of the graph match the discussion in the text e.

It brought my students frustration, anxiety and a dislike to put it lightly of mathematics. Share on Facebook Share.

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Evans December 16, at 2:

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When you pick it up again, try to read it like a first reader.

Some students would have 12 steps to finding their quotient, others three.

Partial quotient method of division (video) | Khan Academy secured by

14. Partial quotients to solve division problems (FP)

Thanks for putting in the effort!

I get to transition to teaching high school math next year and was struck by your description of using the distributive property to divide. As Aaron mentioned above, this method lends itself well to teaching factoring in algebra. Thank you for inspiring young people to ask for more. Thank you for sharing!

These great strategies lead to much greater understanding instead of just process memorization! Next steps probably include family outreach to help families understand the differences in strategies and WHY we teach so differently than they might remember learning the same content.

I am so excited agorithm see and understand your explanation of these three strategies! After asking some questions of their teachers and watching a few videos on my own as well as these here, I am sold! Algebra and beyond is going to be so much easier with these foundational understandings being built in the early grades. Keep spreading the information and examples, please! Partjal reading your post I had a flashback to partkal grade me sitting on the back porch at my house, working through what seemed to me to be an endless page of long division problems and crying.

Your post made me feel so hopeful for my dlvision and their math education. I had to teach two of these strategies when I did alogrithm student teaching and WOW did it blow my mind! I wish CCSS had been around solve division problems using an area model and the partial quotients algorithm I was learning basic math because maybe it would have made a lot more sense. The best part is, YOU, the teacher, are excited about it, and that will always come across in teaching!

So true… Teacher excitement often breeds student engagement. Great point and something for all teachers to remember. As someone who has taught math, even imagining someone has heard that sentence, out loud, from a real life student, hooked me instantly.

My place to write about teaching, and math, and teaching math.

If I felt a kid already had a solid understanding of the traditional algorithm I would not go back and do partial quotients. However, as an adult who was very successful with the old way learning partial quotients has helped me to better estimate quotients and solve quite complicated division problems in my head. I am so glad I found this! I teach fourth grade, and while I do enjoy the new way of thinking in math, teaching division has stumped me this year.

It has been my experience over 25 years, that more students struggle with the algorithm than understand it easily. I think this will really help.

AND I was one of those students who struggled. I wish my teachers would have had strategies like this in their arsenal when I was in grade school! Posted by TheElementary MathManiac at 2: EllenEm December 4, at 9: TheElementary V for vendetta essay topics December 4, at 9: Convince me you circled the right numbers in the model. The first is because these were bad drawings.

I tried solve division problems using an area model and the partial quotients algorithm for videos of someone solving a division problem using partial quotients and an area model which led me to the second problem.

You've reached the end of the assessment.

So many videos out there of varying quality. One of the great things about using partial quotients to divide is the flexibility in how you can choose to decompose the dividend. In the first problem in this post, for example, the dividend 91 was decomposed into 70 and 21, which are both easy probblems divide by 7. It could just as easily been decomposed in to.

knows solve division problems using an area model and the partial quotients algorithm your professor

While looking for videos to share with my friend, I found these Video 1 Video 2. In one of the videos, the presenter even connects the area model to long division notation. The emphasis on place value is appreciated, but students deserve to know that they do have choice in how they decompose the dividend.


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