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Story problems are so relevant, and also help build reading skills, so we incorporate them daily into our math routine. Because this may or may not be a lengthy post.

The key difference in citing a direct quote is that you must put quotation marks around the sentence and then cite at the end. IF YOU FAIL TO USE Solvjng MARKS AROUND A DIRECT QUOTE YOU ARE SAYING YOU WROTE THE SENTENCE.

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One of the most beneficial math trainings I ever received was on CGI cognitively guided instruction. Parent Teacher Homeschooler Other.

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It explains why we need standardised reporting of important details in health research publications and how to use reporting guidelines. It also has chapters on the guidelines grders commonly required by journals.

Take a look at the pictures. Story problems are so relevant, and also help build reading skills, so we incorporate them daily into our math solvving.

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Problem Solving in the Primary Grades - The First Grade Parade secured by

4 Ways to Help Your First Grader With Problem Solving Skills

You can use any numbers as long as the answers to your word problems are included. I printed out addition and subtraction word problems on two different colored papers and then hung them on a ring.

I divided my class into two teams and gave each team a number line and a set of little pom poms. I also used this activity as an independent work station. This worked best when there was at least 1 person at that station who was a strong reader.

Again, using two different colors to differentiate between addition and subtraction problems helped me to differentiate independent learning.


I like to laminate them and cut out the counters on problsm bottom of each sheet, place them in baggies, and then into a math tub. This works great for the draw and solve problems, too.

Another way I incorporate independent problem solving into my day is with my Spin a Word Problem Spinners… I found these spinners at the Gzme Tree a few years ago, but you could use ANY spinner…or even dice! You could use any number amounts, too.

For this activity, I have my kids take out their math journals and then spin two spinners. They have to use the two numbers on which they land in a word problem.

Problem solving activities

They can create an addition or a subtraction problem. They also have to include an illustration to show their work as well as a matching number sentence. I love how open-ended this activity is and it lends itself to engaging those higher order thinking skills as well. The power of choice is so important for these little babies!!!!

I really do love teaching math to my little primary friends. I love watching their thinking evolve and blossom. There are so many simple ways to incorporate problem solving on a daily basis and I hope these activities help you in your classroom! Now tell me, how do you incorporate problem solving into your routine?! Comments My students firt year are all about "hands-on" learning.

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I love the spinner idea! I've given them problems like "The answer is 9, what is the question," but I love the problem solving game for first graders of having them write solvihg own problem.

I am so glad zolving hear you blogging about CGI! I wondered if it was just write essay describing myself district, or if it really gdaders nation-wide like the program suggests, because I really haven't seen very many "big name" bloggers talking about it: I love that kiddos in that concrete stage will literally act or draw out what the problem is asking them, rather than look for key words and try to come up with an algorithm right away.

Story problems are so relevant, and also help build reading skills, so we incorporate them daily into our math routine. Often times, I have the students make them up, which they love! I can't wait to try to incorporate that into my classroom, I think my students would have so much fun problsm it.

Thanks for the great ideas! Early in the kindergarten year before my babes vame reading at a high enough level to actually read word problems, I use technology as my best friend.

I downloaded a voice recording app on our iPads and iPods and recorded myself reading word problems. Then, they can go out problem solving game for first graders independently work on solving word problems without someone there to actually "read" the problem to them. It also allows them to listen to the problem as many times as they need to to solve it. They also get a big kick eolving of hearing my voice come out of the iPads!

I have been a CGI teacher for over 7 years now.

problem solving game for first graders judgments

Our district and state was one of the first to implement CGI and our district currently works with top researchers from this philosophy! I am on a math leadership team in our district, helping guide our district to a deeper CGI understanding. Check out my MANY blogs on this topic! Glad to see others are posting on Problem solving game for first graders Whitney, The First Grade Roundup. I teach 2nd and my mind is now spinning with ideas!!

I see it says "November", so might this become a monthly series that you would bundle?? Mailbox Math and Spinner Math are great! Will try Spinner next week. I also saw a clever idea on the Thanksgiving theme for creating student story problems. Please allow a few minutes for it to arrive.

Didn't receive the email? Go back and try again. Instead of directing your child to do something, sit her down and ask her to brainstorm different solutions.

This encourages her to be problem solving game for first graders and flexible in her thinking. For example, if your son and daughter are fighting over who gets to pick what TV show to watch, have them come up with as many TV-sharing ideas as they can. Write them all down, no matter how silly or outlandish they seem.

Sometimes chemical distribution company business plan silly ideas are the ones that eventually inspire the best solutions down the road!

Talk over all the ideas, and choose two that seem fair to all parties. Put each idea on its own piece of paper and evaluate the pros and cons of each. Instead, ask nuanced questions to get them thinking. This will help them make a decision that everyone can be satisfied with.

The set is continued below. Which box has two more pieces of cake than the first box? Which One Doesn't Belong? For a Limited Time. Sign in with Amazon. Sign in with Clever. Create Account But first, we have to verify your age! Just grab an adult to continue.

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